Spread Your Wings Publishing is a publishing company committed to sharing stories waiting to be told. 
Spread Your Wings Publishing is passionate about books. Through the art of storytelling, we are dedicated to sharing quality books with readers of all ages.
Storytale is Spread Your Wings Publishing’s imprint, featuring compelling romantic fiction that warms the heart. All love stories are written with the romance reader in mind, relatable, unforgettable stories.

Marquita L. Scott is the publisher of Spread Your Wings Publishing, a company dedicated to sharing stories waiting to be told. Marquita is an experienced publisher, introducing her romance novels, The Ballroom and Windy Nights to readers. 

“I love to read. I love to write,” Marquita says. “I love connecting with other writers and readers.” Marquita’s goal is to help writers who want to become authors, share their work through storytelling.

Marquita L. Scott, Publisher, staff@spreadyourwingspublishing.com